Since the launch and kickoff of warring between the UK and Russia, many select countries around the Globe have begun feeling the impacts and reality of inflation. Whether it’s temporary, or something residents and citizens are preparing to “get used to” for the long run is beyond any of our knowledge. Media coverage platforms both great and small, have begun reporting their versions of Commentary for the seeming use of support and awareness. Our lives have Swiftly, transitioned from just weather & news updates in the Mornings … to rapid searches of the cheapest gas , in our local communities. Transportation has always, and will continue to be one of the main support systems of many diverse businesses around the world. Bus transit systems for example, increased their prices in 2020 to the recollection of many of it’s recent and present customers. Truck drivers, in Canada during 2022 ongoing pandemic crisis have continued their fight for a right to change in the midst of truck driver shortages as well. Tax payers can, only hope this is only the beginning of an short-term period of , what many call “transition in the right direction” of justice and freedom for all. Many citizens of the U.S claim to understand why, gas prices have suddenly risen. The fight for U.K territory and freedom , has become a fight to more than just them. Donations are being sent , along with weapons , and human beings voluntarily offering their services and lives to help fight Russia. The United States , need to sanction and “temporarily stop business” with Russia has caused Americans to risk luxuries like near to affordable gas & oil prices during the early weeks March 2022. Working class people, are sacrificing their presence periods, of any sign of relief from the past two years of constant COVID-19 pandemic sanctions and mandates. Now, though it’s a new battle. A fight for the justice of the territory of UK and it’s adorned citizens.


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