“Pandemic Parenting”

Main Pandemic Stressors

  • Shifting Work Hours ✔️
  • Vaccine Mandates✔️
  • Unexpected School/Child Care Closures✔️
  • Homeless Shelter Mass Capacities ✔️
  • Inflation Prices(Food, Gas, Diapers, Rent etc.) ✔️
  • Virtual Learning Shifts✔️
  • Finance Literacy / Tax Law Changes✔️
  • Lack of Medical Insurance✔️

It’s no secret , that the start of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the lives of many drastically. More specifically the lives Parents, both Married or Single. From persistent Small Business closures, to untimely COVID deaths , and household virus spreads, we’ve worked hard as a society to keep pushing “The art of survival , through such times.”

Uncertainty and Fear Looms

Many parents have re-established their very household structures to the best of their abilities, but Covid-19 was simply unexpected. Even worse, those that haven’t been able to keep up to Par with the rapid changing economy and housing market changes, are now attacked or labeled “more un-fit" that before the pandemic started. Child protective services, have continued to remove children from homes, under abuse allegations. While at the same time the Media is still covering news on the height of crime in even the quietest on known neighborhoods across America. But no one is talking about it. The real abuse is being neglected. Suddenly, the parents actually struggling to make an effort to stay in their children’s lives , during stressful changes are being ‘prosecuted' for becoming unstable since the start of the Pandemic. Those absent fathers, that were already missing vessels, and financial contributors in the household are still nowhere to be found. Child support , welfare, and legal offices, have long wait-list and back logs if clients seeking help more now than ever. Single parents are now labeled “threats to society" for speaking up , in hopes of a little relief with updated school mandates and regulations. As society rapidly changes due to the Global pandemic, struggling parents are forced to “keep up" or are left behind. They are shunned , for applying for unemployment because work is impossible with little to no support with their children. Shelters are growing with residents, because families are neglecting their own. Estranged family members respond “I’m trying to stay afloat my own self, during the pandemic”. It’s no wonder social distancing, seems to literally be making people more selfish than others. Yet, this is not helping parents return to work. Only making the list of applications for government assistance much longer.

Temporary Child Tax Credit Changes

December of 2021, was the last promised month for many parents to recieve a slight break in income to support their children. The advanced credit, will be deducted when these same parents attempt to file their taxes in the short season after. An average of $3600 for most families, will be deducted from the full amount they may expect to receive on previous Tax returns. Many parents also claim, they’re receiving letters from the IRS , demanding that they repay pandemic unemployment payments, they once qualified for. Many can’t help but wonder…”Where is the real help, for America’s children during the Pandemic.” Of course political debates are easily stirred, when groups of parents gather now playdates. The new main topic of discussion, amongst them seem to be…”Exchanging information about how each are getting by, despite the rapid changes in the Economy.” Housing and gas price inflations , arent discussed enough when it comes to one parent households. Many feel, silenced because they are government assistance recipients , and should be satisfied with the same. Family tensions, continue to grow across America, because now instead of supporting one another, everyone wants to know “how" (you) received a stimulus payment and they have yet to see theirs. Regardless of how many you’ve explained the process, somehow you are now unworthy of their love.

Domestic Violence Rises

New media coverage, of crime is at an all time high. Robberies, Abuse , Cyber-Scamming, Bank fraud, randomn accusations of the innocent, homeless and drug infested communities have all gotten worse. Many are scrambling , for anyway to stay afloat with the uncertainty of what was once considered, “A thriving Country". Those who were financially incompetent, before the pandemic have only begun to stress more. Which seems to be one factor , for the sudden motivated intentions of crime In households. 2020–2021 not only did COVID-19 steal lives, but domestic violence as well. Many children and women, who hadn’t even contracted the virus, ended up leaving us too soon. Racially motivated crimes, and protest are also at an all time high. We can only hope , that things are getting worse before they can and will get better. Many women , are beginning to turn their backs, in the reliance of a man and putting their hope in their own independence. They have children , to raise and protect from an lingering virus as it is. Jealous, and munipulative men is the last thing they need…

Advocates for DV victims are overworked, and so are police forces across America. Crime has gotten out of control, and it shows the spoilage of the hearts of Americans. Too many men still rather catch the Falcons game, before they are concerned about whether or not their families are surviving the Pandemic. Even more have turned to crime, just to feed themselves. The freshly released from incarceration, are entering the free world lost, and lacking the resources they need to get back on their feet amid the Global Pandemic and still crickets chirp in America, when it comes to mapping out a solution.

Virtual learners Falling behind

Failing grades and attendance issues , can be blamed on the lack of knowledge parents had when it came, to teaching their children from home. From lack of wi-fi , to food shortages of their own many suffered and struggled to keep up with new educational shifts. Mother’s, were biasely expected to give up their rights to work , and satisfy school districts 100%. Many wonder if schools even considered how most guardians income had been affected. Eviction moratoriums we’re temporary, so if a parent was homeless they struggled even more to meet school district requirements and mandates. This made it easier for child services, to claim any child could have been in un-fit environments that would be best for the child’s future. How much more could have been done? How much better could Americans have of been prepared. Most in positions, to assist minorities (caseworkers, teachers, attorneys, etc) more often judged the misfortunes parents suffered due to the hands of the he pandemic. This fact has been more than exposed. But did it really take a pandemic to help us ALL see? Many students are now, behind when it comes average grade level expectations, or attendance. The parents are the ones expected to answer!


We can only hope Americans pull together, before choosing to fall apart without the good fight. One act of kindness at a time could make a world of difference, but surely there is lots of work to be done.

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