Remember to Breathe!

Mother, Student, Employee, Social Media Influencer…where do I have time for me?!! Like many others…

Here lately, I’ve had to literally remember to BREATHE! The pressures of life, if not handled correctly can seemingly begin to slowly suffocate the "life" out of us. The deadlines, the expectancy of myself of nothing less than perfection can weigh you down. Then, I turn and remember Ive been neglecting the one thing that cost me nothing! Oxygen itself !! I remind myself to be kind to the Earth , by accepting her gift to me of LIFE. As long as I am breathing I am given the opportunity to endure AND succeed. There is a time , chance, and season for all things to be birthed and grow. My determination doesn’t change the laws of life. People will one day, remember those who took the time to simply remind them to breathe! I began to research, breathing exercises, and self care routines to practice.

That extra time, I once used to stress or vent to people who could do nothing for my situation but gossip about me to others…I learned to channel differently. No more venting phone calls, I’d later regret. Instead, I tried a new workout schedule. Even if just cardio, and upper body goals. It felt much better than panicking , of things out of my control. One goal turned into another. Then soon my only competitor with me was me! I got more addicted to strengthening my lungs, than feeding my mind with more things to worry about.

Unfortunately , I learned outside influence was attacking my mental health. My life was “cloudy" enough, but somehow I, was beginning to rely on the comfort of social media and worldly influence. Who they were wearing, or which celebrity was doing what. It was only a temporary fix, to my very own problems. Just like that, I felt less burdens, after deleting my social media accounts for a while. Scrolling through News feeds , no longer served me any purpose. Notifications were no longer a priority, even if they were once a major part of my business. Enough was enough! Reading a book was more fulfilling. Spring cleaning my home, more often than just the Spring time … made me feel more accomplished than 100 plus likes on Facebook or IG followers.

These are just a few habits, I applied change to that surprisingly assisted me with releasing stress and remembering to BREATHE!! What techniques do you use?

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