Ways to Invest in Children

Too often children, or younger generations are being blamed for the state of evolution and it’s effects on parents. Guardianship use to mean “protection, providing, and preparing”. Have those our children look up to, simply given up on their futures? More reports are being released about child abuse or worse deaths. Teachers are quitting their jobs at alarming rates, or mentally “loosing it" right on the job. Parents turned to alcohol instead of tutors , under the pressure of teaching their OWN children from home, at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, many took advantage of the disabled state of the education system we ourselves were entrusted with by our own parents. Who’s really to blame for the direction generation x is seeming to choose. Music, for example these days exhibits romance, violence, or selfishness, at its best. It portrays betrayal, disloyalty, and mistrust more than ever. Regardless of what genre , it’s time adults take responsibility for the state of minds we are consiously or unconsciously putting our children in. Especially under times of stress and pressure. Can they depend , on the older generation for support?

It may be a hard concept for many to still accept! That creating opputunities for your child/children’s futures is still a real opportunity. Though a Pandemic, is not easy to overcome by far, it should only be more motivation to consider what is truly best for our children…our futures. Imagine , selling a story to your child one day, that you couldn’t focus on their futures, because you were distracted by an ongoing pandemic. The fact is, somethings will always be out of your control. Yet as a Guardian, the protection of your child should never be. Many adults, won’t admit it. But are still battling childhood trauma memories. This causes, cycles that could eventually lead to the misguiding of their very own children. Apart of breaking unhealthy cycles, include doing things differently that what you were shown, or are being showed. This job is not for the faint of heart either. One must expect criticism, from the same one’s, who felt they made no mistakes when it came to (your) life. Your decision, to act, move, and think, differently about your child’s life will speak volumes when you are serious about it. Every reaction , from friends and loved ones may not be “positive”. Remember this! Cycles continue, only out of past fears of the simplicity of change!!

Society still offers, paths for the young that lead to greatness. Are you willing to watch your child go farther than you were once able to? Many bitter parents , walk away from the responsibility of taking initiative for this very reason. Fear of failure. Even if you receive minimum child support payments from noncustodial parents or guardians, how you invest in that child matters! Consider, college funds, investing in their skills or talents early! This gives them the headstart,in the race of life that you already know is competitive. Research, free training classes or resources that equip them with knowledge in the possible career areas of their choice. Speak with their schools, or local recreational centers about college prep programs and grants. My point? Start somewhere! Occupying children with devices and gaming technology, to get “your work done" is selfishly greedy. As you provide, equip them to help provide for their future families young!

What are some ways that you’re preparing for your child/children’s futures during a pandemic? Crown Publications offers publishing services and packages for child authors as well. Learn More about our Mission to service Authors and Freelancers in 2022 when you visit our website




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